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 Area of Specialization
Civil and industrial works

We work in close coordination with our clients and architects to offer innovative solutions during preconstruction and post construction phase. We believe in becoming an integral part right from the planning stage to ultimate execution part. Projects are carried out on a time bound manner and invariably completed ahead of schedule. More care is taken for quality and stability by a team of Professional.

Earthwork Excavation

Moving mass quantities of dirt has been a trademark of AIPL for almost 10 years. AIPL extensive fleet of earthwork equipment has moved hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of earth on different projects across the country.

Rock Excavation

AIPL skilled rock excavation crews make the drilling, blasting, removing, and transportation of even the toughest rock ledges look easy. AIPL takes every precaution available to make sure that no person or structure in the surrounding areas is affected by blasting operations.

Subgrade Treatment

AIPL takes pride in building roads that last and have a smooth ride. Both of these qualities are dependent on first building a solid base foundation. AIPL excels at laying base rock: we know our rock provides an ideal surface on which to pave, and our base rock laying crews have placed countless tons of road rock on projects across the country. When the soils are soft and require extra manipulation, we can mix soil stabilizing products, such as fly ash and lime, into the sub-grade to create a firm foundation for our pavement construction.

Stormwater Drainage

All of our projects require a quick and clean movement of water both through and off the construction area. AIPL performs the construction and installation of storm water pipes, culverts, and inlets for storm water management. We also develop a project-specific Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan to control soil erosion and ensure the water leaving the project meets the environmental standards for construction projects.